Anderson ELT offers the following publishing services:

  • editorial project management, including:
    • developing editorial strategy for online environments (LMSs and other platforms)
    • e-learning consulting
    • coordinating SMEs, implementation teams, editors, and cold readers
    • technical solutions (information extraction, OCR, spell-checking, web-based macros and page scraping)
    • converting print to digital
    • implementing assessments for CBT environments
  • freelancer staffing and coordination
  • teacher training (for technology)
  • editor training
  • setting up a customer service workflow
  • product demos / sales calls (in Turkey)
  • materials development
  • copy editing
Do you need a quick turnaround of a high volume? I have the following resources:

  • strong working relationships with experienced ELT editors and cold readers
  • connections with outsourced implementation teams
  • a programmer skilled in information extraction (PDFs, web, CD-ROMs)
  • familiarity with a variety of issue-tracking platforms
  • Python scripting skills
Interested? Contact me here.